WGA Picket Line Hits ‘The View’ Production in New York: ‘It’s a Righteous Cause’ (Video)

The ABC talk show has acknowledged the strike and the impact of now-improv’d segments


The Writers Guild of America strike formed a picket line Tuesday at “The View” production in New York, punctuating the grassroots effort to protest projects that are still in production despite the strike.

The WGAE Career Longevity Salon, a group of writers over the age of 50 within the WGAE have shown a presence as well, especially through co-leader Courtney Simon, who spoke on camera in a video posted to Twitter.

“We’re here today picketing ‘The View,’ an ABC show that is still continuing to be written even though we are on strike,” Simon said in video you can watch below. “We are gonna make noise along with everyone else. It’s a righteous cause.”

Since the strike began in early May, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg has acknowledged the strike numerous times. After it started, “The View” moved forward without writers, with the hosts taking the discussion into their own hands, which they say results in less-polished material.

TheWrap has reached out to “The View” for comment.

In an open letter to Netflix and Comcast shareholders, WGA President Meredith Stiehm noted the shutdown of productions as a key strategy in the fight for a fair contract. Certain Netflix productions like the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things” as well as the next installment of “Cobra Kai” have paused in solidarity with the strike.

“Netflix’s content pipeline has been blocked, with dozens of projects that were in development or ordered to series as of May 1st unable to move forward until WGA negotiations conclude,” Stiehm wrote to Netflix shareholders. “A delay in the writing, production, and release of new content may impact Netflix’s ability to attract and retain subscribers and viewers just as the company asks customers to watch advertising and pay more for its content.”

Netflix does still have finished shows set to release this summer like “Never Have I Ever” June 8 and “Heartstopper” August 3, to name a few.