‘The View’s Conservative Co-Host Nicolle Wallace Fuels First Political Debate: Obama Doesn’t Love People

Wallace and Rosie O’Donnell sparred over whether or not President Obama is a narcissist

“The View’s” self-proclaimed Republican co-host Nicole Wallace came out swinging against President Barack Obama Tuesday morning, saying that she doesn’t think he “loves people.”

Citing an assertion made by political columnist and former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer that Obama is clearly a narcissist, Wallace insisted such a diagnosis would explain why the President has an “inability to get things done.”

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“Joe Biden has much better, much more productive relationships, not just with Republicans but with Democrats in Congress,” Wallace asserted. “I think Joe Biden has an easier time with Congress because Joe Biden loves people.”

A stunned Rosie O’Donnell  asked Wallace if she was implying that Barack Obama doesn’t love people. Wallace simply answered, “yeah.”

O’Donnell then compared those comments to the ones Kanye West made during “A Concert for Hurricane Relief,” saying live on-air that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. For the second morning in a row, O’Donnell brought up George Bush flying over New Orleans in a plane after Hurricane Katrina.

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Wallace defended her former boss while accusing O’Donnell of attacking  President Bush.

“Nobody did more to rebuild New Orleans,” Wallace said. “A lot of people were very happy with a lot of what got done. President Bush did everything that everyone of any party and at any level of government said to rebuild the city.”

“I did not attack him,” Rosie responded. “I simply stated the fact that he flew over in a plane before he ever went to address the people who were there and it was a very long time before he showed up. That is a fact, not an attack.”

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In a lighter political hot topic, the ladies discussed Rob Ford quitting his bid to return as the mayor of Toronto.

While Whoopi Goldberg warned Wallace not to, she shared on-air that she recently had a dream about Mayor Ford.

“I told Whoopi that I had a dream that he died,” Wallace admitted. “And I woke up startled because he’s awesome and I love him and I love talking about him. And I’ve never seen someone who does crack and is so fat. Can I say that? I’m new.”

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Her gaffe garnered applause from the audience. O’Donnell then asked if Wallace knew a lot of people who did crack.

Wallace fired back that she did not, but joked “Republicans do crack sometimes!”

Watch the clip above.