‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Compares ‘Summer of Trump’ to Watching Mussolini

“The media just loves him,” returning co-host tells TheWrap


Joy Behar is back on “The View” and didn’t waste time after the season debut on Tuesday to sound off on politics.

Her new target: Donald Trump.

“The media just loves him,” she told TheWrap in an interview following the premiere. She recounted watching the Republican debate with a group of “lefties” who were “eating Trump up.”

“He was like Mussolini that night,” she said laughing, “the way he blusters; his affect. I’m not saying he’s a fascist.”

The GOP frontrunner is actually one of Behar’s stated reasons for returning to “The View,” and the founding co-host actually praised him for some of his more liberal positions, like vowing to tax hedge fund traders.

“He’s not an open-and-shut case, and that’s what I think is appealing, which is why we are going to do well on the show because we can be all those things on the show because we can be all those things — people want to hear all of it.”

With Behar back in the saddle on the ABC chat fest, there are sure to be more sound bite bombs thrown Trump’s way.