‘The View’s’ New Co-Host Nicolle Wallace on Meeting Sarah Palin: ‘I Was On Vicodin’

The conservative panelist who is now occupying the void left by Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares her falling out with Palin

Nicolle Wallace was quick to introduce herself as a Republican during Monday morning’s season 18 premiere of “The View.”

Wallace is a former communications chief for President George W. Bush and was a senior advisor for the McCalin-Palin campaign. Co-host Rosie Perez asked Wallace what it was like the first time she met Sarah Palin.

“I was on Vicodin,” Wallace admitted.

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She explained that she had just had a medical procedure done but that at the time, she found Palin to be, “pretty cool.” No word on whether that was due to the drugs or not.

But eventually, Wallace and Palin had a falling out, sparked by the former VP candidate’s now infamous interview with Katie Couric.

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“Our relationship really erupted and exploded after the Katie Couric interview,” Wallace explained. “She thought I had set her up for failure and I thought the questions were pretty fair. That was sort of the end of the end.”

Wallace also discussed Dick Cheney and how him shooting Texas attorney Harry Whittington in 2006 ended up being her biggest struggle while working for the Bush administration.

Watch the clip above.