‘The Voice’ Scraps Whitney Houston Hologram Performance With Christina Aguilera (Video)

Leaked footage shows duet of NBC show judge with hologram of late singer

Whitney Houston Hologram

NBC’s “The Voice” was preparing to air a Whitney Houston hologram appearance during its season finale, but the late singer’s estate put on the breaks after the footage leaked, according to media reports.

When contacted by TheWrap, NBC had no comment.

The leaked footage (above), shows judge Christina Aguilera singing a medley of Houston’s songs, at some point introducing Houston herself.

A younger version of Houston then appears via hologram, and the two sing the songs together, with Houston even going through a costume change before the medley ends on a rousing rendition of “I’m Every Woman.”

According to ET, the appearance was scrapped after Houston’s estate saw the footage and decided the technology wasn’t far enough along for a true likeness of the late singer.

The appearance was scheduled to be a surprise on Monday’s season finale, though rumors had been circulating online. There’s no word yet what will replace the segment.