‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Erik Jensen Reveals Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

“Erik and his family are in for the fight of their lives, and they need your support,” a GoFundMe page for the actor reads

Erik Jensen on "The Walking Dead"
Erik Jensen on "The Walking Dead" (Credit: AMC)

Actor Erik Jensen, who’s known for roles on “The Walking Dead” and “Mr. Robot,” revealed in a recent GoFundMe page that he is battling Stage 4 cancer. The page, started Oct. 18 by Jessica Blank, asks for help with his medical bills.

“After miraculously surviving a brain aneurysm just a year and a half ago, our beloved Erik Jensen was just diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer,” the fundraiser by Blank reads.

Blank wrote,”Erik and his family are in for the fight of their lives, and they need your support,” adding that the diagnosis is not necessarily “a death sentence.”

The cancer has reportedly metastasized to the actor’s liver, but “his doctors have a shot at shrinking the tumors enough to do two very major surgeries and get them all out,” according to Blank. So far, more than $97,000 has been raised towards a goal of $300,000.

Blank wrote of the 53-year-old, “Erik is young and strong (cutting a film during chemo, working full-time as a director and writer throughout)… He is incredibly resilient and strong; Erik is a survivor. We know he can make it through this, come out the other side, and continue to make great work and support his community for years to come.”

Blank added a note to the page saying, “Stage IV is not a death sentence, Erik is determined to make it through this, and he’s working incredibly hard to stay positive and fight for the shot that his doctors know he has. While hearing this news can be scary — if you reach out after reading this, the family would greatly appreciate communications of success stories, positivity and hope.”

Jensen played Dr. Steve Edwards on Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” and right-wing conspiracist Frank Cody on “Mr. Robot.”

He also played Dez O’Reilly on ABC’s legal drama “For Life,” and has guested on TV shows including “The Equalizer,” “Mindhunter,” “Law & Order: SVU” and “Person of Interest.”


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