‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Finale Is Finally Coming in October (Video)

San Diego Comic-Con 2020: We now know when the long delayed episode will see the light of day, and we got a new teaser to go with the news

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During its Comic-Con@Home panel on Friday, AMC revealed what fans have been dying to know for months now: When can they watch the finale of “The Walking Dead” Season 10? The answer, finally, is Oct. 4.

That’s not as soon as fans would probably like, but at least we don’t have to keep waiting in the dark.

Along with that news, we got another look at this episode, and our first since the short teaser that came at the end of the last episode. During the panel they showed a clip from the Season 10 finale, as many of our heroes — trapped away from Alexandria — facing off against Beta’s new horde of zombies. That clip then morphed into a proper teaser, which reminded us that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is about to make her triumphant return.

You can check out the teaser up above, or you can head to YouTube for it. Oh, also announced during the panel was the fact that “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” will premiere immediately after “TWD” Season 10 finale airs Oct. 4.

The Season 10 finale of “The Walking Dead,” which is titled “A Certain Doom,” will bring us the conclusion of the story of the Whisperer War — an arc that has gone on for most of seasons 9 and 10. This was an awkward time for the series to have to take a break, to be sure.

Not that AMC had any choice in the matter, with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down production throughout Hollywood back in March. They were unable to finish the finale episode because of that, and fans have been left in limbo waiting for the end of this story.

Beyond Season 10, “The Walking Dead” will be back for at least a season 11, and “Fear the Walking Dead” is still going strong as it heads into its sixth season. A new spinoff series, “Walking Dead: World Beyond,” is also on the way — its spring premiere was delayed due to the pandemic as well. And there’s also the theatrical film that will continue the adventures of Rick Grimes after he was taken away on that helicopter in Season 9.

The “Fear the Walking Dead’s” Comic-Con@Home panel streamed right before its parent show’s presentation Friday. During that online event, “The Walking Dead” prequel dropped its Season 6 trailer and announced the premiere date for the upcoming installment. You can view that trailer here.

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