The Washington Post Halts ‘The Lily’ Instagram Production, Reroutes Site

The outlet’s award-winning gender and identity reporting will continue publishing through the Post and live as a social media archive

The Washington Post's "The Lily"
The Washington Post's "The Lily" (Courtesy)

The Washington Post announced Wednesday that it is repurposing its gender and identity editorial product, “The Lily,” and will halt social media production and reroute to the Post’s website.

In a post shared to The Lily’s Instagram account, which is followed by nearly 160,000 readers, the brand’s leadership announced that “as the team takes on new roles at The Washington Post, this Instagram account will no longer be active, but our page will remain available as a treasured archive you can access if you ever long to revisit our work.”

“For six years, it’s been our pleasure to share and discuss essential stories about gender and identity with you on Instagram,” the post’s caption reads. “Every day, we’ve sought to curate a space that not only examined the most consequential events shaping our lives but also elevated your voices.”

The Lily, named after the first United States newspaper written and edited by women founded in 1849, itself launched in 2017. Besides the website, the product included a newsletter and well-regarded social media accounts also including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. 

“We’re so proud of what we have accomplished with your support: An award-winning documentary, nearly 500 published comics and dozens of book readings together,” the post continued. “More recently, one of our former team members Caroline Kitchener, won a Pulitzer Prize for her abortion reporting — stories that were always a priority for The Lily and its readers.”

The team behind the product will disperse into new roles at the Post. In addition to the Instagram profile will remaining open to access as an archive of The Lily’s coverage, their weekly comics will also find a new home at the Post. 

“You’ll also find more reported news and investigative comics there and on @postclimate (led by former Lily staffer Hannah.) Until then, we hope you’ll support some of our team members — Anne, Janay, Samantha and María — who will still be dedicated to gender and identity reporting for the Style section at the Post,” the Instagram post concluded. “You can find their work at @poststyle, which will also include coverage of fashion, culture and entertainment.”

Read more about the team of eight women behind the digital space here.