‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Died, Who Lived and Who Stayed Together

Our questions were finally answered


Note: the following contains spoilers up to “The White Lotus” Season 2 Episode 7.

After seven weeks of watching the tension build in “The White Lotus” Season 2, the shocking finale finally answered our burning questions after fan theories took on a life of their own.

If you missed the finale, or just need to break down the chaos you just watched, read on to find out who died, who lived and who stayed together.

What happened to Tanya, Portia, Quentin, Jack and Greg?

After episode 6 confirmed that Tanya’s (Jennifer Coolidge) husband, Greg (Jon Gries) was, in fact, the Wyoming cowboy that Quentin (Tom Hollander) fell in love with in his youth, fans theorized that Quentin and Greg were secretly working together to conspire against Tanya. After Quentin encouraged Tanya to get involved with a handsome Italian guest — and fans spotted a red light that might be a camera — many guessed that this tryst would render her prenup invalid and enable Greg to his fair share of Tanya’s wealth.

As it turns out, this theory was, in fact, correct.

After waking up from a night of debauchery, Tanya is awakened by suspicious whispers of Quentin, Didier and Matteo before she interrupts their conversation and Quentin informs her they will be leaving on his yacht — without Matteo and Portia.

Meanwhile, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) wakes up to a missing phone and an indifferent Jack who tells her they’ll be driving back to Taormina while Tanya, Quentin and the others take the boat back. When Portia manages to swipe Jack’s phone and call Tanya from the boat, Portia and Tanya grow even more cynical of the situation when Tanya puts the puzzle pieces together and Portia learns what Tanya saw that night of the opera.

After finally getting Jack (Leo Woodall) to fess up, Jack asks Portia to let him do his job so that he doesn’t get in trouble and drops her on the side of the road near the airport, encouraging Portia not to return to the White Lotus to avoid any trouble.

On the boat, Quentin insists that the group has one final dinner together before Niccolo, who meets the group on the yacht, escorts Tanya back to the hotel on his smaller boat. Tanya gets a glimpse of a suspicious black bag and after delaying dinner as long as she can, makes a run for the bag and locks herself in one of the boat’s bedrooms.

As she assesses the contents of the bag — rope, tape and a gun — she is paralyzed with fear and holds onto the gun for protection. When the men break into the room, Tanya shoots everyone in her sight — including Niccolo, Quentin and Didier — leaving them for dead.

Tanya then asks Quentin the most pressing question in her mind as blood oozes from his chest — is Greg cheating on her? — while the boat’s driver and another man escape by jumping off the boat.

Already in fight or flight mode, Tanya knows she must leave the yacht and tries to jump into the smaller boat to head ashore, but as she jumps, she instead hits her head, falls into the ocean and drowns — eventually drifting far enough to the shore that Daphne (Meghann Fahy) discovers her body floating in the water the next day.

Portia appears to take Jack’s advice to avoid the hotel, later arriving at the airport with no clue as to what went down.

How about Harper, Ethan, Cam and Daphne?


As tensions bubbled over for our fearless foursome, Ethan (Will Sharpe) continues to imagine sexual encounters between Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Cam (Theo James) before his interrogation inspires true honesty from Harper.

With shaky breath, Harper admits she and Cam flirted at the bar and he suggested they go upstairs. She recalls that Cam latched the door and kissed her briefly before Ethan began relentlessly knocking.

Although Ethan still doesn’t believe the full story, one thing is clear: Cam tried to sleep with Harper. Filled with resentment, Ethan finds Cam in the ocean and the friends fight until another tourist pulls them away from each other.

After the fight, Ethan shares his worry with Daphne, who in return tells him to “do whatever you have to do to not feel like a victim of life,” before luring him to the small island beside the resort, where you can decide for yourself what happened between them.

Whatever happened in that moment, it awakened something inside Ethan as he returns to Harper and seduces her with a passion the pair likely hadn’t seen in ages.

Safe from the drowning that occurred, the two couples leave Sicily seemingly content (although the volcano behind Cam and Daphne is foreboding) — with Ethan and Harper more affectionate than ever — though it’s safe to say they won’t be reuniting anytime soon.

And Albie, Dominic and Bert?

Albie (Adam DiMarco) wakes up with a mission: to save Lucia (Simona Tabasco) from her horrible situation. He approaches Dominic (Michael Imperioli) at breakfast and asks him to transfer 50,000 euros to Albie so he can give it to Lucia. Dominic scoffs, noting what an easy mark Albie is, though he ultimately agrees when Albie says he will put into a good word to his mother about how Dominic has truly changed for the better.

Sadly, Laura Dern did not appear as Dominic’s estranged wife, Abby, despite fans’ wishes, but Dominic does successfully call Abby, who seems just a tad less cold than their previous phone call.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster the family went through on the trip, they arrive at the airport in one piece, and Albie even links up with Portia after realizing he was played by Lucia.

What about Lucia, Mia and Valentina?


Though Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) wakes up initially flustered from her night with Mia, the experience seems to be revelatory as her mood even allows Rocco to return to the front desk.

Valentina and Mia make plans to see each other again, but Mia (Beatrice Grannò) encourages Valentina to come to a gay club with Mia and Lucia to find her “a real lesbian lover.” When Giuseppe returns from his time at the hospital, Valentina also informs him that Mia will be taking over as the hotel’s pianist.

Lucia, on the other hand, is finally reaping the benefits of her work, as Cam hands her an envelope of cash and Albie transfers a small fortune to her bank account. She leaves Albie’s bed before he wakes up, seeming to close any door of their future together.

As Mia and Lucia walk along the streets of Sicily, they kindly greet Alessio, who works at another hotel — proving correct another fan theory that hypothesized Lucia and Alessio were friends working together to scam the clients and he was not, in fact, her pimp.

Despite the havoc wreaked by the wealthy clientele of the White Lotus, it appears Lucia, Mia and Valentina will resume their lives with a bigger smile — and bigger pockets — after this slew of guests leave Sicily.