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‘The Wire’s’ Isiah Whitlock Jr. Wants You to Pronounce Clay Davis’ Famous Catchphrase Right (Video)

The actor teases his new academy showing students how to say Senator Clay Davis’s famous ”sheeeeeeeee-it“ line

Isiah Whitlock Jr. wants to teach people how to properly say “sheeeeeeeee-it,” the catchphrase made popular by his character on HBO’s “The Wire.” And. yes, it requires nine “e’s.”

The actor released a video titled “The Whitlock Academy” on YouTube. It debuted as HBO wrapped up a marathon of HD remastered episodes of “The Wire” on Wednesday.

The 30-second sketch shows a compilation of Whitlock saying the catchphrase from a balcony while instructing young drama students. The actors mimicked the tone of his famous line.

But, what exactly “Whitlock Academy” remains a mystery.

“Heh, heh, heh, what is the Whitlock Academy?” Whitlock told The Baltimore Sun. “It’s where actors come to finish their training. We’ve basically decided that no actor’s training is complete until they properly learn to be able to say the word, ‘sheeeeeeeee-it.’”

And if the teaser isn’t enough of a fix, here’s a compilation video of Davis’ catchphrase on YouTube throughout the seasons. Viewers can also catch Whitlock currently as Gen. George Maddox on HBO’s “Veep.”