The Year in Vine: 10 Most-Looped Videos Include Ducks, Kids and Tragedy

Twitter’s app Vine turns 3-years-old Sunday. Here are its 10 most-“looped” snippets from the company’s third year, including lots of little kid pratfalls and one sobering moment of tragedy.

Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes captured in a popular Vine

Vine works best with perfectly timed comedic set-ups, like this howling-toy duck army.

Little kid wipe-outs are a recurrent theme.

Vines hit the jackpot when one person is the wrong place while another picks the right time to film.

Learning the value of pretending to like a birthday gift early on.

This aspiring basketball star crashing dunk was rewarded with 92 million loops.

Absurdity sometimes reigns on Vine. This clip has been looped more than 80 million times.

Vine is a popular app among young people, helping school-age feats of skill become a hit.

This kid’s emotional confusion has attracted more than 95 million loops.

Viners can strike gold catching a moment on TV, like Leonardo DiCaprio’s sidelong glance at Lady Gaga.

The most-watched Vine of all time captures moment of a bombing in November terrorist attacks in Paris.