In-Theater Advertising Grew 2% in 2009

Increasing to $584 million, emerging platform was one of the few to show an uptick

The Cinema Advertising Council released figures Monday showing that its members actually grew their ad revenue by 2 percent in 2009 to over $584 million.

In-movie-theater advertising can still be classified in the nascent stage. However, with most platforms experiencing ad-revenue declines last year – TV was down in the double-digits – growth is growth.

“What we’ve done is lay a lot of groundwork, presenting to both clients and agencies and explainging to them how cinema not only works in their out-of-home plans, but also in their broadcast and cable plans, too,” said Michael Chico, president and chairman of the Cable Advertising Council.

“When HUT levels (houses using television) are lowest, which is on the weekend, cinema viewing is the highest,” he added. “And you’re reaching a lot of young demos who don’t watch a lot of television. We’re showing them that cinema viewing is a really nice compliment to television.”

Chico said that the CAC expects even bigger growth in 2010, with theater advertising spiking in the double digits for both quarters.