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#TheDress Owners Share Origin Story of Social Media Phenomenon on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

The talk show host is a staunch supporter of Team #whiteandgold

Ellen Degeneres welcomed the owners of #TheDress on Tuesday to tell the origin story of the social media phenomenon that has divided the world.

It turns out, the dress belongs to Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnston from the tiny island of Colonsay, Scotland. They also brought their friend, Caitlin McNeill, who originally posted the picture to Tumblr, and MacPhee’s mother, Cecilia Bleasdale, who originally owned the dress.

According to the newlyweds, they were planning their wedding when Bleasdale sent her daughter pictures of three dresses. When asked which she liked best, MacPhee replied, “The white and gold one.” And thus began one of the biggest debates in history.

McNeill decided to solicit opinions on Tumblr, as the color question “had been tearing our community apart.” McNeill’s followers quickly seized on the image. Once it hit Twitter, there was no stopping it. At its peak, #TheDress was getting 11,000 tweets per minute, with some seeing white and gold, others blue and black.

To settle the question once and for all, Bleasdale came out wearing the clearly blue and black dress. As a token of appreciation for ending the debate, Ellen presented all four guests with a pair of half blue and black half white and gold underwear.

Watch the video here.

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