Streaming Churn to Only Get Worse With Rise of ‘Subscription Cyclers,’ Samba TV SVP Says (Video)

TheGrill 2022: With more people jumping on and off the services, Dallas Lawrence has ideas on how Hollywood can respond

Streaming was a major topic of discussion Wednesday at TheWrap’s annual business conference TheGrill as Hollywood continues to push forward into a much more competitive digital market with customers now far more likely to subscribe to fewer services for shorter periods of time.

Dallas Lawrence, senior vice president at analytics company Samba TV, calls these customers “subscription cyclers,” and his company’s data shows that the churn that is their hallmark will only increase in number in the years to come. Samba found in a poll of 2,000 adults that just over 40% of millennial and Gen Z streaming viewers have canceled a streaming service immediately after watching a single series they were interested in and subscribed to another service in the past six months.