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Theresa May Visits ‘SNL’ Weekend Update To Talk About Her Twitter Feud with Donald Trump (Video)

She’s hoping to use the incident to propel herself to social media stardom

In the real world, British Prime Minister Theresa May took to Twitter to condemn Donald Trump for retweeting anti-Muslim videos posted by an extremist right wing British group, which resulted in a back and forth between the two world leaders. On this week’s edition of “SNL” Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon’s uncanny impersonation of of the notoriously stilted May spoke to co-host Colin Jost about what other good tweets she has planned for world leaders she has beef with.

“You know the Brits’ stiff upper lip. When we are Dealing with trump, it’s more akin to stiff upper lip, lower lip, stiff arms, legs, and you are pretty much playing dead,” McKinnon’s May said. “But the British people know i can give it as good as I get it. I’m not afraid of a little social media fisticuffs.”

But she’s not going to stop with Trump — May later revealed her plan to hit Russian president Vladimir Putin with a mean tweet.

“Vladimir Putin. just this. The side eye emoji. He knows what it means. It’s called shade, Colin. He will be freaking, I assure you. and then I’ll follow it up with a very threatening egg plant.”

May also brought up her scheduled thread discussing Prince Harry’s recent engagement to actress Meghan Markle, expressing how out of his league she is.

You can watch the full bit in the video embedded above.