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These People Ruined ‘A Quiet Place’ for Everyone Else

”The cinema was full of popcorn munching mouthbreathers,“ one person tweeted

John Krasinski’s thriller “A Quiet Place” made a lot of noise at the box office this weekend. And perhaps that’s apropos, since a lot of people have been complaining about loud moviegoers at their screenings of the film.

While it’s important to not text message, answer calls, talk or loudly eat popcorn and snacks that might annoy people and ruin the experience of a movie — no matter what you’re seeing — it’s especially true of “A Quiet Place.” The film, directed by and starring Krasinski, who co-leads with his wife Emily Blunt, is a horror movie about a family who live in silence, thanks to monsters that hunt whatever they can hear. And since nearly the whole movie is in silence with very little dialogue, literally every pin drop can send hearts racing.

TheWrap even made an etiquette video, urging theatergoers to be quiet during the movie. But it fell on, at least some, deaf ears. Based Twitter reaction, the film got ruined for a whole lot of people.

Gee, thanks.

“I watched #AQuietPlace yesterday. Unfortunately the cinema was full of popcorn munching mouthbreathers,” one person tweeted.

Check out some of the other reactions of uncomfortably loud movie theater experiences below.