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TheWrap Is Hiring a Reporter to Cover the First Amendment

The new position will focus on freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and lately under

TheWrap has added a reporting position devoted to writing about matters relating to the First Amendment.

The reporter will cover challenges to freedom of the press, expression, assembly and religion in an era when those freedoms are under new and severe pressures.

The decision follows multiple attacks by the White House on the media, including President Donald Trump referring to the press as “the opposition party” and top presidential adviser Steve Bannon enjoining the press to “shut up and listen.” It also follows the rise of fake news sites and a debate over the role of social media networks like Facebook in disseminating falsified reporting. All of these will be the daily reporting territory for this new position.

TheWrap has posted the following position, and is taking resumes for an experienced reporter and writer:

TheWrap is a news site focused on the entertainment business, culture and media. The subjects we cover — including journalism, movies, TV shows and the internet — exist because of the First Amendment. From curbs on religious freedom to threats on the news media, we believe the First Amendment is under attack.

As our First Amendment reporter, you will cover every aspect of the First Amendment in America today. You should be endlessly fascinated by this subject, and passionately committed to reporting on freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. You will write about how the First Amendment functions and is challenged in the U.S. today, writing with wit, depth and flexibility.

This beat could fuel dozens of stories a day, so you’ll need strong news instincts and judgment to prioritize which ones are the most important, as well as excellent time management to balance breaking news, short dispatches and investigative pieces. You won’t always need to write fast, but you’ll have a much easier time if you can. You’ll develop a network of sources of all viewpoints, reflecting the reality that governments, corporations, activists and individuals can all prop up or undercut First Amendment freedoms. You should also be a deep thinker who will help us define this role in ways we can’t yet imagine.

This is a full-time position that includes competitive pay, health insurance and vacation.

Apply to editors@thewrap.com