Shemar Moore Denies ‘Karma’ Speech Was Aimed at Thomas Gibson (Video)

And he leaves the door ajar for a “Criminal Minds” return, sans former on-set foe

Shemar Moore claims his recent “karma” speech wasn’t about Thomas Gibson’s firing from “Criminal Minds.”

“No, they spun that all wrong,” Moore told a paparazzo who caught him heading to the gym.

When asked if he was friends with Gibson, Moore simply replied, “I wish Thomas nothing but the best.”

The two former co-stars famously did not get along. Gibson was often annoyed by Moore’s lateness to set. The tardiness was such a constant that Moore once bought the cast and crew watches as an inside joke. Hilarious, we suppose.

On March 23, Moore announced he was leaving the long-running ABC Studios production.

And here’s how his since-deleted Instagram speech from Friday began: “Lotta birdies chirping out there — the gossip is real. I hear it, I see it — I’m sure a lot of you do too. So I’ll just say this: I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people; honest people, hard-working people, humble people — people who believe in basic goodness. People who believe in themselves. People who believe in others.”

Back to present day and our enterprising cameraman, who managed to squeezed one last question in: With Gibson now gone, will Moore return to the CBS procedural?

“They didn’t kill me,” Moore answered. “I always say, ‘The elevator doors closed. They can always open again.’”

Watch the video above. Then take the vague talk and run with it, Baby Girl Nation.

Gibson was initially suspended for two weeks after kicking writer-producer Virgil Williams in the leg during a dispute. A day later, the actor-director was let go entirely.