‘Thor: The Dark World’s’ Chris Hemsworth Tops Spider-Man, Jimmy Kimmel in Strongman Carnival Game (Video)

A Hollywood Boulevard Captain America — and his fanny pack — did not fare much better against the actor

Chris Hemsworth proved Monday that even an injured Thor is the strongest Marvel superhero of them all (possible apologies to the Hulk).

Then again, he does have a magic hammer — so it kind of isn’t fair.

Hemsworth, who’s nursing an injury on his left hand, took on a Hollywood Boulevard Spider-Man and a Captain America in the carnival strongman game, Hammer of Thor on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The costumed superheroes were pretty pathetic compared to the guys in the suits. Both Spidey and the Cap were beaten even by Kimmel, who made it all the way up to “Sad Sack.”

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But the Norse god, even with a busted left, easily rang the bell at the top. Kimmel shrugged the inevitable defeat off, quipping, “He’s the God of Thunder, what are you gonna do?”

While impressive by immediate comparison, the fact that out-of-shape (to say the least) comedian Artie Lange achieved the same feat in the next segment may have dampened the achievement.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell what was more sad from Monday’s ABC competition: the inauthentic costumes, the non-athletic sledgehammer swings, or “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” security guard Guillermo’s artistic renderings of the superheroes.

Watch the clip: