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‘Three Stooges’ Trailer: Massive Head Trauma and a Dog-Powered Skateboard (Video)

The latest glimpse of the Farrelly brothers' "Three Stooges" movie could double as an Advil commercial

"The Three Stooges" won't even be in theaters until April 13, and already it's a massive hit — or, rather, as flurry of massive hits, all delivered in rapid succession.

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The second trailer for the Farrelly Brothers' take on the Larry, Curly and Moe saga has hit the internet, and aside from giving the general public yet another chance to ask, "Is this really a good idea?" it also delivers a crash course on just how many ways there are to clobber a person's noggin in the space of one minute and 43 seconds. Hope they had plenty of Advil on the set.

Oh, and it also features a shot of the Stooges — portrayed by Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos and Sean Hayes — riding a skateboard that's being pulled by a team of poodles. Because that's just good, clean fun.

Check out the new "Three Stooges" trailer in the video.

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