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Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson Throw Back Some Beers in ‘Drinking Buddies’ Trailer (Video)

Can men and women be just friends? The new trailer says no, especially if you work in a brewery

Bad things happen when you drink, kids. And potentially great things too (in moderation, of course).

Let's map out Thursday's new trailer for "Drinking Buddies" together. Jill (Anna Kendrick) is with Luke ("The New Girl's" Jake Johnson). Kate (Olivia Wilde) is with Chris (Ron Livingston). At least that is the plan at the beginning of the Joe Swanberg written and directed, "Drinking Buddies."

That's when it gets complicated.

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Luke and Kate are best friends who work together at a Chicago brewery. They drink, they flirt, but they're both in relationships. No hard, no foul. Until, that is, they drink some more. That's when things start to get a little fuzzy.

Soon, Kate and Chris are splitsville. The break-up leaves Wilde's character heartbroken and moviegoers with a "Will they or won't they?" situation until the film hits theaters on July 25, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Here's the trailer: