Tiffany Cross Calls Out Trump-Supporting Female Politicians for Boosting ‘Toxic Masculinity’

MSNBC host said candidates like Kari Lake and Harriet Hageman “want some of that white man power”

tiffany cross

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross and guest Errin Haines criticized female politicians who support Donald Trump for buying into “toxic masculinity.”

During Saturday’s episode of “The Cross Connection,” the host and the editor-at-large of The 19th discussed Tuesday’s Wyoming Republican Primary, which saw Liz Cheney lose to Trump supporter Harriet Hageman.

“Women like [Hageman], women like Kari Lake in Arizona are proof that the toxic masculinity that Trump displays is not limited to gender,” Haines said, referring to the GOP gubernatorial candidate. “I mean, these are women who are willing to embrace the Big Lie.”

Haines poked fun at Lake for using slang like “BDE” (“big d— energy”) on the campaign trail in an attempt to “energize” voters. “I’m not really sure who thinks that’s criteria for running or holding office,” she quipped.

She went on to praise Cheney for using her platform as co-chair of the Jan. 6 committee to “lift up women who have spoken up and spoken out against the Big Lie, and really pointed out many of the older white men who have stood by and remain silent, if not complicit, while our democracy remains under threat.”

As a consequence, she said, Cheney lost her seat in Congress and faced death threats on the campaign trail, proof that “Trump’s rhetoric continues to be weaponized by some of his supporters.”

Cross agreed, adding that by remaining loyal to the former president, female candidates like Lake and Hageman are contributing to toxic masculinity.

“I think that’s a quintessential problem with the Phyllis Schlaflys of the world,” she said, speaking of the late activist who was opposed to feminism, gay rights and abortion. “They want some of that white man power, so to get that, they will help uphold it, they will help defend it.”

Lake, a former news anchor, beat lawyer and businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson to become the Republican candidate for Arizona governor. Robson had previously called the 2020 election “unfair” without calling it an outright fraud, while Lake made “stolen election” claims central to her campaign. In September 2021, Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Lake. She will face off against Democrat Katie Hobbs in November, as will Hageman against Democrat Lynnette Grey Bull in Wyoming’s congressional race.