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MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Torches ‘Blackface Connoisseur’ Megyn Kelly for Attacking Black Women (Video)

“Kelly is really just trying to claw her way back into social relevance,” Cross says of Kelly, who targeted tennis pro Naomi Osaka among others

No one has “had it” with Megyn Kelly more than MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross, who dedicated a segment of her show, “The Cross Connection,” to addressing the former Fox News host’s repeated attacks on prominent Black women like Naomi Osaka and Meghan Markle — and Cross did not hold back in her reproach.

On Saturday’s episode of “The Cross Connection,” Cross took “a slightly different approach” from her usual current events coverage by addressing someone “completely irrelevant.”  

“I’m speaking, of course, about Megyn Kelly,” Cross began, describing the political commentator as a “50-year-old bully” who is “trying to bulldoze her way back into relevance that only comes to women like her for being a provocateur, not for offering any type of intellectual input.”

“The blackface connoisseur who had to apologize for ridiculously asking why it was racist for white people to wear blackface for Halloween is now going after someone who is less than half her age, but has twice her intelligence,” she continued. Cross was referring to Kelly’s criticism of Osaka amid her return to the public eye following the brief break she took for the sake of her mental health. 

“When Osaka understandably blocked Kelly on Twitter, this woman said that Naomi just didn’t like tough questions. Such insight from the land of the inconsequential,” Cross said, adding, “But also: Girl bye.”

Cross noticed a pattern among the subjects of Kelly’s ire and attributes it to a strategy for her own self-advancement. 

“It’s no coincidence that Snow White and the seven dumb takes she’s had recently overwhelmingly target Black women. The amazing luminary Nicole Hannah-Jones, whom Kelly went after over the 1619 Project. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who Kelly said should stop whining about the treatment of baby Archie. Olympic Hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who Kelly suggested be removed from the Olympics due to her protest,” she said.

“Kelly is really just trying to claw her way back into social relevance and into the hearts of Fox News viewers by regurgitating their favorite attacks, all while benefiting from the work that we do.”

The segment ended with a final mic drop moment. 

“Stop punching above your weight,” Cross concluded. “You keep asking for this smoke that you really don’t want. You want to act like a high school mean girl, then you’ll get treated that way. Sit down, be humble, while our left stroke keeps going viral. Let the grown women speak. You’re not invited to this table. You don’t have the range.” 

Watch the full takedown at the top.