Tig Notaro Flew From NY to LA – and Back Again – Just to Say Goodbye to ‘Conan’ (Video)

Comedian, who got her big break in Burbank, takes a final bow at Largo

Tig Notaro got her big break on “Conan” almost a decade ago. On Thursday, she returned to the TBS late-night talk show to say thank you and goodbye before it ends for good later this month.

“I’ve been in Toronto for four weeks filming ‘Star Trek’ and was then in New York for the Tribeca Film Festival,” a clearly appreciative Notaro told Conan O’Brien last night. “I flew home just to do this episode, to say my farewells and my thank yous to you because I have to go back to Tribeca after I do this.”

Yeah, her kids got screwed on this visit.

“For years, I was turned down for talk shows and late-night. Or I’d have one shot or no shot,” Notaro said during the show at Largo. “I’d get feedback that my delivery was too slow– not enough jokes per minute, I heard. Too low-key, not mainstream enough.”

“Then when I got a shot to come on your show, I remember leaving the studio and I got a call from my manager saying that your show had called to have me booked again immediately and that you wanted me to be a regular on the show,” she continued. “I couldn’t even comprehend that because of all the rejection I had gotten.”

“I feel like your show gave me this incredible opportunity to be myself, to try out weird things, and also, I’m certain, went hand-in-hand with me being welcome on to so many other talk shows,” the grateful comic concluded.

Watch the video above.

Below are some of Notaro’s classic “Conan” appearances, which the two reminisced about during Thursday’s bittersweet reunion. Up first is Notaro’s “Conan” debut from September 2011. And underneath that, Notaro’s follow-up appearance — featuring her classic stool bit — from a December 2011 episode.

“Conan” will end its run on June 24.


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