‘Tiger King’ Songwriter Vince Johnson Releases New Tune ‘Killer Carole’ About Carole Baskin (Video)

“Would a woman kill a man and feed him to her cat?” the lyrics ask

Vince Johnson, the songwriter behind the music of “Tiger King,” has released a new song about Carole Baskin, a central character in the Netflix docuseries who many believe may have killed her husband.

“Killer Carole” lyrics include, “Was the weapon a meat grinder, a bullet or a bat? / Would a woman kill a man and feed him to her cat?”

Johnson, who now has a publishing deal with BMG, dropped the track Friday. Its description on YouTube reads, “A Country western music video about a woman who may or may not have killed her husband and then also may or may not have fed him to her tigers. From The Vince Johnson Band – the real band behind Tiger King / Joe Exotic songs like ‘I Saw A Tiger,’ ‘My First Love,’ and more.”

The album is due out this summer.

Joe Exotic, another central character in “Tiger King,” did not write or perform the songs he claimed to have performed. “I Saw a Tiger” and the others were actually the work of Johnson and singer Danny Clinton.

The duo told Vanity Fair that Joe Exotic convinced them to write these tunes pro bono, on the grounds that they would get massive exposure by being featured on his reality show. According to Johnson, Joe would, basically, give them a topic and they’d write a song on a super-fast turnaround. Of course, as “Tiger King” bingers know, that reality show never happened.

Check out “Killer Carole” above.