Tim Kaine v Mike Pence: Stars, Pundits Hurl Insults Over VP Debate

Twitter users of all political stripes unleash a barrage of insults at both candidates: “smug,” “condescending,” “liars”

mike pence tim kaine vice presidential debate
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Stars and pundits didn’t wait for the vice presidential debate to end Tuesday before they started unleashing an avalanche of insults at both GOP candidate Mike Pence and his Democratic opponent, Tim Kaine.

“Condescending,” “smug” and “liars” were just a few of the choice epithets lobbed at the pair, who met for 90 minutes of live televised debate from Virginia.

Who won the debate, it seemed, depended simply on which side of the political divide one sits.

“They are both liars,” tweeted “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum, referring to Pence and GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“Kaine comes across as a total jerk,” conservative host Laura Ingraham wrote.

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera thought that Russia was a weak spot for the Trump-Pence ticket.

Kennedy family member and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver seemed to think no one was winning.

And so it went all night, a back-and-forth all across Twitter as the famous and influential batted for their team or threw up hands in despair.

Avalanche of insults?! @timkaine didn’t even get through 1/8 of the list of insults!

– Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) October 5, 2016