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Tina Fey Knows How to Remain Anonymous in Her Nude Celebrity Photos (Video)

”This Is Where I Leave You“ star explains why there are more nude photos today, and it’s not because of cell phone cameras

Tina Fey wasn’t among those women victimized by the celebrity nude scandal, but she talked about it during her appearance on “Late Show,” pointing out adamantly that it was not the fault of the person taking the picture. The blame falls on the “creep” who stole them and disseminated them to the public.

She brought the topic up when she and David Letterman were talking about her 2011 book “Bossypants.” Letterman asked if it was still a bestseller, and Fey said that she didn’t know. But she added that after her nude photos came out, she expected it to shoot straight to the top.

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With the topic fully broached, Fey presented a theory as to why there are so many nude photos these days, and she doesn’t think it’s necessarily because of the proliferation of cell phones with built-in digital cameras.

“I also think maybe people are better looking now. You see all these girls like Jennifer Lawrence are so beautiful,” she said. “I feel like the girls I remember when I was in high school; it wouldn’t have been worth it. None of us really looked that great to take a picture in our bathroom like that.”

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She did have a surefire way to ensure she was never exposed through leaked nude photos. “All my nudes are very, very extreme close-ups of my butt,” she told Letterman. “So you never know it’s me. Like scientific, like a microscope.”

Tina Fey can next be seen in “This Is Where I Leave You,” co-starring Jason Bateman. Warner Bros. will release the film on Friday, Sept. 19.