‘Tinderbox’ Author James Andrew Miller on How Blockbuster Nearly Killed HBO

”It almost got canceled and almost got deleted … several times,“ Miller tells TheWrap

HBO may seem like a major success but the premium cable network came close to extinction multiple times in its nearly 50-year history, James Andrew Miller discovered in writing his new oral history, “Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers” on Tuesday.

“There was this perception that it went on the air and it was a big success, and it just kind of like flourished. And the truth is that it almost got canceled and almost got deleted by its parent company, Time Inc., several times,” said Miller, a former Washington Post reporter who had previously written lengthy oral histories on “Saturday Night Live,” CAA and ESPN.

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Tim Baysinger

TV reporter • tim.baysinger@thewrap.com • Twitter: @tim_bays