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TJ Miller Says ‘Silicon Valley’ Is ‘Only Going to Become Better With Me Not on It’ (Video)

Actor exited the show in May

Former “Silicon Valley” star T.J. Miller is once again explaining why he exited the hit HBO show, telling Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday that “it’s only going to become better with me not on it.”

“It has to change, it has to grow,” he said during his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “There is something dynamic that has to happen… We moved to New York City, and I wanted to spend that time with my wife. I’ve worked so hard for so long on every single medium.”

He added, “An organic sort of out arose, they had a cliffhanger, and I thought it’d be funny just to exit. And you’re a family man, you talk about that a lot on the show.”

In May, the actor unexpectedly announced that he would leave the HBO show. In June, Miller told TheWrap that the exit of his character, Erlich Bachman, stems from the brash entrepreneur’s flight to Tibet to visit Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) in the episode before the season finale aired last month.

The “Deadpool” actor had been toying with the idea of leaving the show for some time but hadn’t yet decided to walk away prior to reading the script for the Season 4 finale. Upon learning that the episode ends with Erlich’s future in question, Miller decided that the timing was right to ride off into the sunset.

“The finale ends as a cliffhanger of whether anyone would ever see Erlich again, and to me, when I read it, I started laughing to myself, thinking, ‘My God, this is the perfect way to say: No, no one ever saw Erlich again — that was it.’ And it was just so funny and so real and so true,” explained Miller.

Still, Kimmel hoped to change Miller’s mind about leaving the show.

“If it’s not too late, call Mike Judge, call HBO, call whoever you need to call and say, ‘I’m back in,'” said Kimmel.

“That would sort of ruin the joke, and… have you seen ‘The Emoji Movie?'” Miller asked Kimmel, plugging his film that hits theaters next week.

Watch the video above.