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TLC’s Cheeky ‘Buying Naked’ House-Hunters Discover a New Kind of Molding (Exclusive Video)

In the exclusive trailer for the season’s second episode, potential home owners covering themselves in plaster to make molds

After a short run in 2013 and a months long hiatus, TLC’s outrageous reality show “Buying Naked” returns to television Saturday with back-to-back episodes.

The new season’s first episode reacquaints viewers with Jackie Youngblood as she helps nudists become home owners, but in the second episode she appears to be taking on a partner.

In TheWrap‘s exclusive preview of Saturday’s new episode, we meet her young and unassuming colleague – a woman who who seems terrified by the prospect of working with clients in the buff.

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“A month ago I never would’e thought that I would be in some naked old guy’s garage watching him lube up my equally naked clients,” the young woman confesses while watching a handful of middle-aged men and women cover their bare bodies in lube and plaster. “It kind of reminded of Thanskgiving, like whenever you stuff a turkey.”

The concept for “Buying Naked” certainly makes sense. Nudists need shelter. Considering how much more exposed they are to the elements, one could argue they need it even more than their cotton and polymer-clad counterparts.

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The series fits in nicely with TLC’s other odd-duck money-makers like “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Kate Plus 8,” too. But as TheWrap previously reported, naked reality programming is all the rage right now so “Buying Naked” might find itself among, ahem, stiff competition.

Two episodes of TLC’s “Buying Naked” will air Saturday at 10/9c.

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