TLC’s ‘Long Island Medium’ Shows Young Woman a Different Side to Her Father (Exclusive Video)

Sometimes the living can discover new things about each other on the TLC series

Most of the time, Theresa Caputo is able to bring messages to loved ones that allow them to find some peach with those who have passed. But on Sunday’s episode, she helps a young woman forgive the father she has been feuding with.

Anthony and Christina lost their mother when they were young. As a result, Anthony had to grow up quick in order to take care of his siblings. Meanwhile, his father had to take on a second job to support the family.

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You’d think that his kids would feel grateful for what he has done, but Christina feels differently. Having grown up as the only female in the family, she often felt misunderstood by her father. He may have treated her differently from her brothers, because he couldn’t relate to her as much. At any rate, the two haven’t been speaking.

Can Theresa and Christina’s mother’s spirit help her to see her father in a new way? Can Christina learn to appreciate the parent that’s still in the physical world?

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Watch TheWrap’s exclusive preview above.

“Long Island Medium” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.