Todd Boehly, Hollywood’s Quietest Investor, Faces Spotlight After Golden Globes, Chelsea Soccer Deals

The billionaire financier is receiving backlash from both sides of the pond after stepping further into the public eye than ever before

Todd Boehly
Todd Boehly's Edridge owns dozens of business. (HFPA, Getty, Eldridge)

Just months ago, Todd Boehly was basking in the glory of clinching two massive vanity acquisitions in a row: First he pulled off a $5.4 billion takeover of England’s Chelsea Football Club and then snapped up Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards for no money at all.

Both seemed a surefire bet for the billionaire financier to gain international recognition, holding court in the owner’s box at London’s legendary Stamford Bridge stadium and taking his place as a Tinseltown kingmaker. These weren’t passive investments. Boehly took on a very public profile — unlike his other holdings in media, technology, real estate and insurance.