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Tom Cruise Holds His Breath for 6 Minutes in ‘Mission: Impossible’ Underwater Stunt (Video)

Actor underwent freediving training program designed for the military

Hanging off the side of an airplane wasn’t the only stunt Tom Cruise prepared for his latest “Mission: Impossible” film.

In order to film an underwater scene for “Rogue Nation,” the actor learned how to hold his breath for several minutes under the guidance of a freediving expert.

A new behind-the-scenes video featured on Access Hollywood, reveals the training process he underwent, which was originally designed as a military program.

“I had to prove to everyone that it was actually safe,” Cruise says in the clip. “Not only is it safe, but it’s better that I know how to hold my breath, because I’m going to be very relaxed. No one’s going to have to rush in, no one has to panic.”

Watch the video.