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Tom Cruise ‘Oblivion’ Trailer: Earth is Uninhabited…Or Is It?

Morgan Freeman promises answers to Tom Cruise's questions in "Oblivion"

The new trailer for Tom Cruise's futuristic thriller "Oblivion" appears to have unraveled one of the film's big mysteries before most moviegoers even had a chance to read a plot description.

In "Oblivion," Cruise and a team of operatives are sent back to an abandoned earth to patch up some alien hunter drones. After an extraterrestrial invasion left the planet uninhabitable, humanity was evacuated to the stars, or so the trailer tells us.

Nothing human remains…or does it?

Turns out a stogie-savoring Morgan Freeman is still kicking around, promising answers to Cruise's big questions.

But fret not, action fans: There are plenty of explosions, too.

"Oblivion" hits theaters on April 19, 2013.

Watch the trailer: