Tom Hanks Shows Off His ‘Horrible’ Bald Haircut for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Movie

“I just scared the children,” he tells Graham Norton

Tom Hanks is currently in Australia filming Baz Luhrmann’s biopic on Elvis Presley, in which Hanks plays the King’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Though in order to get into character, his hair has seen better days.

Hanks gave a quick taste of his “horrible” hair cut to Graham Norton, removing his hat and hiding just above the webcam to reveal that he is in fact bald with a few stray patches of hair on the side of his head. It doesn’t look great.

“Can you see that, look at that thing,” Hanks said. “I just scared the children. I want to apologize. What I really want to do is have a little tuft of hair here and a big beard, and then everyone will think I’m Graham Norton.”

Hanks has shown off his chrome dome on some other late night shows recently, but the bald patches to make him look more like Parker are certainly a new touch. In fact, Hanks previously teased at the Golden Globes back in January that he would be in something of a “bad guy” role for the film.

The Elvis film remains untitled, but he stars in it alongside Austin Butler as Presley in the biopic about his life. Hanks was originally in Australia filming for the movie back in March when he was among the first celebrities to reveal that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Hanks currently stars in Paul Greengrass’ Western “News of the World,” which opened in theaters on Christmas Day.

Check out the brief clip of Hanks showing off his haircut here and above.


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