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Tom Hanks Will Talk Your Ear Off About Spades – Tim Allen, Not So Much (Video)

One black card affirmed, the other revoked

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen had very different reactions when asked about Spades during the “Toy Story 4” media tour.

Xilla Valentine, who goes by BlogXilla on Twitter, asked the two about a hypothetical fork-in-the-road moment during the competitive team card game. The idea was to test their black cards, i.e. how knowledgeable the middle-aged white guys are about black culture.

Hanks evidently knows his stuff, and game Valentine a very confident — and we assume, satisfactory — answer.

Allen, on the other hand, had this to add:

“I’ve been working Vegas 30 years. I don’t gamble.”

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I don’t have any idea what you guys just said.”

When Hanks asked Allen if he knows how to play Spades, the “Home Improvement” alum responded, “I’m gonna say I do just ’cause I want to move on.”

It was all very deadpan, interpret that as you will — Twitter sure is.

Hanks became as animated as his “Toy Story” character Woody when talking about his time playing Whist in Oakland, California.

“Should I get a cup of coffee or something?” the “Last Man Standing” star asked when Hanks was really on a roll.

Watch the video below.