Tom Holland Appears at Disney’s D23 After Sony Spider-Man Split: ‘It’s Been a Crazy Week’

‘Avengers’ star turns up to promote Pixar’s ‘Onward’ with fellow Marvel star Chris Pratt

Tom Holland
Getty Images

After the shocking news that Sony and Disney were parting ways on Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland appeared at the D23 Expo to promote the Pixar film “Onward,” and to show his love to fans.

“It’s been a long week,” Holland said. “But I just want to let you all know…I love you 3000.”

Holland was joined onstage by fellow Marvel star Chris Pratt  Together, the two play Ian and Barley, two elf brothers who couldn’t be more different. Ian is shy and timid, while Barley is boisterous and longs for the days of fantasy while riding in his beat-up van Guinevere. Ian loves Barley but doesn’t want to be like him. What he does want is one chance to meet his father, who died before he was born.

An eight minute clip from the film shows Ian receiving a package that his father instructed his mom to give him on his 16th birthday. That gift is a staff that comes with a letter that tells him that he wants Ian and Barley to bring magic back to their town. The letter also comes with a spell that allows the caster to bring someone back from the dead for one day, given by their father with the hope that he can see what his sons have grown up to be.

Barley uses the staff to try to cast the spell, but it doesn’t work. Later, a sad Ian tries to cast the spell, and to his amazement, the staff activates. Unfortunately, before it can be completed, the Phoenix Gem that gives the staff its power blows up…leaving Ian and Barley’s dad only brought back from the waist down. The two boys now have 24 hours to find a new Phoenix Gem they can use to complete the spell.

“Onward” will land in theaters on March 6.