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Tom Holland Surprises Jimmy Kimmel’s Son for His 3rd Birthday as Spider-Man (Video)

The actor also says he wants to do a Peloton class with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal

Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy turned three years old on Tuesday, and his favorite thing in the world is Spider-Man. So Kimmel surprised his son by having the real Spider-Man, Tom Holland, dress up in character and say hello over Zoom.

Holland donned a red mask and hoodie with the Spider-Man logo and whipped off his mask in perfect Peter Parker fashion, and he even donned his American accent to give young Billy a real show.

“Hey Billy, my name is Peter Parker, I live in Queens, New York. Where do you live,” Holland politely asked before helping to sing “Happy Birthday,” birthday cake and all.

Kimmel acknowledged before he brought Billy and his older daughter Jane on camera that “it might not register” for his son. But although he could only say “Spidey” and said he was actually turning 20 on Tuesday, he seemed to enjoy seeing Holland quite a bit.

Kimmel’s daughter Jane is also a fan it seems, as Kimmel told the audience Jane thought Peter Parker has a “cute face.”

That’s not all Holland has been up to though. In addition to sending off a script he wrote to producers and doing a lot of drinking, including an entire case of Aviation Gin sent to him by Ryan Reynolds, Holland said he’s been doing Zoom calls with the other Avengers as well. He talked to Chris Hemsworth, he caught Robert Downey Jr. while he was in the bath, and he and his “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Jake Gyllenhaal are itching to do a Peloton riding class together. And we’d all love to see that.

Holland was there to promote his charitable fund The Brothers Trust, and he said he was at work shooting “Uncharted” when the coronavirus shutdowns started. He’s not sure when he’ll get to filming the next “Spider-Man” film, but he assured that he’s played Peter Parker so many times now, he’ll be instantly ready to go whenever they call.

Watch the clip of “Kimmel” above.