Tom Sizemore Was Told to Leave 2003 Movie Set After 11-Year-Old Girl Said He Violated Her

Actor returned to the set a few months later for reshoots after the girl’s parents declined to press charges

Tom Sizemore
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Tom Sizemore was told to leave a film set in 2003 after an 11-year-old actress told her mother he had touched her genitals, according to multiple cast and crew members.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sizemore returned to the set a few months later for reshoots after the girl’s parents declined to press charges. The now 26-year-old declined to comment on the matter to THR. A representative for Sizemore has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

A dozen people told the publication that Sizemore was sent home from the set of “Born Killers” (shot as “Piggy Banks”) over the alleged incident.

Cast and crew members said the incident occurred towards the end of production. Sizemore was shooting a second-unit still portrait session, which required the 11-year-old actress, who had a small role in the film, to sit on Sizemore’s lap. This is when he is said to either have rubbed his fingers against the girl’s vagina, or inserted his finger inside it.

Cassidy Lunnen, a production manager, recounted that “the girl was so young it was unclear to her and [later] her parents what had actually taken place and if it was intentional or not.”

At another time, Robyn Adamson (who played the wife in the film), was standing near the photographer watching the shoot when she says the young girl’s “eyes got just huge, like she could’ve vomited. I was watching her. She soon reintegrated and kept going, although she had trouble taking direction. Later, when I was told about what happened, I knew exactly what it was.”

The film’s casting director told THR she received a call from the actress’ agent the next day, where the agent informed her that “the mother noticed that her daughter was unusually quiet and told her she was going to take her to this swimming place that was the little girl’s favorite thing. When the girl put on her bathing suit, she told her mother that it reminded her of the day before, in an upsetting way — that the bathing suit’s contact against her felt like what happened when the man had put his finger inside her.”

Roi Maufas, who worked as a production assistant, said: “The little girl said what she said and we all thought, ‘That f—ing sleazebag.’ There was never any doubt. He was this guy who was already known for making inappropriate comments, being drunk, being high. We’re talking about consistent behavior, just being ‘Tom Sizemore’ on set every day. Then this happens. Guys reached for hammers.”

Producers Jai Stefan, Michael Manshel and Gus Spoliansky said they removed Sizemore from set as soon as they heard, reviewed the photographs from the session, but found them to be inconclusive evidence.

“They did talk to the police but didn’t press charges,” Manshel said of the parents. “We also talked to Tom at the time, and told him everything that had been told to us, and he said: ‘I’ve done a lot of awful things, and I’d never do anything with kids.’ We considered whether we had some responsibility to him to not pass judgment on him.”

According to THR, the incident occurred shortly after the actor was convicted of physically abusing and harassing his ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. Sizemore denied the claims at the time.

Sizemore’s roles include “Point Break,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Pearl Harbor” and “Witness Protection.” He is represented by Pantheon Talent and LINK Entertainment.

Stefan, who is an executive at the film’s production company SHRINK Media, has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.