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Tomi Lahren Inadvertently Calls Trump a Fool in Hindi (Video)

The conservative commentator unwittingly insulted the president in a paid Cameo appearance

Tomi Lahren got tricked by a Cameo customer into calling President Donald Trump a “fool” in Hindi.

The conservative firebrand was asked by comedy writer Ali-Asghar Abedi to say, in a paid video clip, that Trump was “wise like an ullu,” the Hindi word for owl. While the word does mean “owl,” it is also slang for “idiot” or “fool.”

“Trump 2020 is all about keeping America great, because President Trump is wise like an owl, or as you guys would say in Hindi ― which I hope I’m pronouncing this right ― President Trump is wise like an ullu,” Lahren said in the clip, which Abedi posted to his Twitter account.

“My fellow Indians, Tomi Lahren thanks you for your support for Trump and his MAGA agenda. If you’re wise, you’ll watch until the end,” he wrote, adding an owl emoji.

Cameo is an app where celebrities, athletes and public personalities can be booked to make personalized messages. Requestors can send prompts or even full scripts for them to recite. Lahren’s rate for personalized messages is $80.

Abedi, who has written for PBS and the New York Times, added a bit of media critique: “Case in point: talking heads will say anything for money. They’ll take on topics they know nothing about and not do the necessary research. Americans deserve better.”

Representatives for Lahren, a 28-year-old who has made a name for herself in conservative media by posting inflammatory content, did not immediately return a request for comment.

Watch the clip below: