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‘What Is This Garbage?': Tomi Lahren Rails Against MTV’s ‘Resolutions for White Guys’ (Video)

”If I or any white male want to say ‘woke,’ you better believe we will freakin’ say ‘woke,'“ TheBlaze personality says

Add Tomi Lahren to the list of white people offended by MTV’s “2017 Resolutions for White Guys” video.

She used her “Final Thoughts” segment on TheBlaze to ask, “What is this garbage?”

The video she is referring to featured a diverse cast of young men and women suggesting resolutions like, “Try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy,” and to stop bragging about having black friends or being “woke,” adding that “Beyoncé is black, so of course she cares about black issues” — a reference to conservative outrage over the singer’s social commentary in her more recent music videos.

Lahren, predictably, wasn’t amused.

“Apparently white males are no longer allowed to say ‘all lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter’ or ‘woke’ because a group of snowflakes on MTV say so,” Lahren said in her most recent diatribe. “Now, I don’t think so. Let me help you all out, because you clearly don’t get it. And since I’m a white female, I guess your crap doesn’t fully apply to me anyway.”

“When we say ‘all lives matter,’ we include black lives in that … the all lives matter movement has yet to burn down a CVS or block an interstate. Furthermore, if I or any white male want to say ‘woke,’ you better believe we will freakin’ say ‘woke.'”

The conservative personality, who consistently goes viral on social media for her fiery opinions, went on to blast Beyoncé for not caring as much about “violence in black communities as she does shaking her butt at the Super Bowl,” and reminded the “dimwits” in the MTV video that Donald Trump — a white male — will be their next president, so they better get woke, get over it, and get a job.

Her biggest gripe? There was no “white male, straight, God-fearing conservative” represented in the video.

“Perhaps a good MTV New Year’s resolution would be to recognize a young conservative audience might be a group you don’t want to completely and totally alienate,” she said. “I don’t think many Americans will be taking New Year’s resolutions from the network that also gives us ‘Teen Mom.'”

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