Tomi Lahren Slammed as ‘F—ing Crazy’ for Claims of Widespread Racism Against Whites

TheBlaze host also admits on “Real Time With Bill Maher” that Trump’s failed Yemen raid would have been called “second coming of Benghazi” if it had happened under Hillary Clinton

Tomi Lahren Bill Maher

Tomi Lahren was slammed as “f—ing crazy” during her appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday for saying that she believes white Americans are discriminated against because of their race.

“Two-thirds of Republicans agree that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against minorities,” Maher said. “Do you agree with that?”

Lahren hemmed and hawed for a while before answering the question, saying “there’s certain issues in society where we’re becoming more divided, and it’s not just blacks against whites or whites against blacks, it’s all of us against each other. And it’s toxic.”

When pressed, Lahren finally admitted that she does believe that white people can be the victim of racism. “As we sit here today, I do think that there is an element of racism against white individuals. I do. I do see it,” she said.

“Since I’m a conservative and not a Trump person, let me just say this,” responded conservative columnist Rick Wilson. “That is f—ing crazy.”

The panel, also discussed Trump’s botched counterterrorism operation in Yemen, which Reuters reported was conducted without proper intelligence. The operation reportedly resulted in the death of 30 people, including a Navy SEAL and multiple civilians.

“It was a huge f–k up,” Maher said. “Now, I’m not saying that was all Donald Trump’s fault — although it doesn’t look good. But if it was Hillary Clinton, this would be the new Benghazi. This would be Benghazi times ten.”

Lahren seemed to agree with the comparison, conceding the point that if Hillary Clinton had ordered the operation, she would have taken heavy criticism from the right. But Lahren stopped short of admitting that the uproar over Benghazi was unjustified.

“I would also agree that if Hillary did this,” she said. “There would be a backlash from those on the right and they would say it was the second coming of Benghazi, and I agree with you.”

“So you’re saying Benghazi was bulls–t? That they blamed it on Hillary?” Maher responded.

“No,” Lahred said, before admitting “it would have been unfair to peg this on Hillary.”