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Fox News Hiring Tomi Lahren Is ‘Most Surprising Move Since Wendy’s Hired Wendy’

Conservative commentator mocked on Twitter for ”failing upwards“ after being ousted from TheBlaze

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren was named a new contributor at Fox News on Wednesday, an announcement that was met with groans by her critics on Twitter.

“Good to see Tanya failing upwards,” one deadpan tweet said, using a common nickname for Lahren.

“Fox News probably considers Tomi Lahren a diversity hire because her eyes are brown,” wrote another. While someone else sarcastically described it as “the most surprising move since Wendy’s hired Wendy.”

Lahren was ousted from Glenn Beck’s conservative media company TheBlaze, where she hosted a self-titled news program, earlier this year after expressing her pro-choice views. She most recently served in a communications role at Great America Alliance (GAA), a Super PAC supporting President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid.

Few Twitter users seemed surprised by the announcement that Lahren has joined the cable news network, with many claiming this was the predictable next step for the outspoken Trump supporter after losing her job at TheBlaze.

“Putting Tomi Lahren on Fox News is like parting Sean Hannity’s hair to the other side and calling it a counterpoint,” wrote one user.

Beginning Wednesday, Lahren will appear on the network primarily on Hannity’s program, but she has also signed on for a “signature role” on an unspecified digital product currently in development.