Tommy Chong Proves Stoners Don’t Forget Everything 40 Years After ‘Up in Smoke’ (Video)

“Not that s–t,” Chong tells TheWrap about his groundbreaking film

Tommy Chong dropped by TheWrap Studios to discuss 40th anniversary of the stoner comedy cult classic “Up in Smoke” and proved that stoners don’t forget everything.

“Not that s–t,” Chong told TheWrap. Chong was given a pop quiz of the movie and since he wrote the screenplay, his answers defied the stereotype of heavy cannabis use. Watch the video above to see if Chong got a perfect score.

“Up in Smoke” cost less than $1 million to produce and was shot on location throughout Los Angeles and Arizona over 30 days in May and June of 1977. The film was released in September of 1978 and ended up making $44 million at the box office.

Lou Adler, who discovered Cheech and Chong and produced many of their comedy albums, directed the film.

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles is currently commemorating the 40th anniversary of “Up in Smoke” with the exhibition “Cheech & Chong: Still Rollin — Celebrating 40 Years of Up in Smoke.”

According to the Grammy Museum, “On display through spring 2019, the exhibit explores what made the world fall in love with East L.A. native Richard “Cheech” Marin and Canadian Tommy Chong, while chronicling the development and success of their first feature-length film, “Up In Smoke.” Items on display will include the original marked-up script from “Up In Smoke,” the master tape for the soundtrack album, comedy sketches, and selections from Marin’s “Blazing Chicano Guitars” collection, among other items.

This exhibit marks the fourth in the Museum’s comedy series. Previous exhibits have included spotlights on Grammy winners George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, and Joan Rivers.