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Oh, Hi Kevin Feige! Tommy Wiseau Interested in Marvel or DC Film Role

”Whichever one hires me first!“ tweeted Wiseau

Paging Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige: “The Room” multi-hyphenate Tommy Wiseau is interested in either a Marvel or DC film role.

Someone on Twitter asked the real life Disaster Artist if he is “Marvel or DC?” Wiseau responded by tweeting, “Whichever one hires me first!”

Clever answer but let’s keep it real. Wiseau should consider himself lucky if he gets the chance to be Loki’s stand-in or a featured extra role in “Avengers 4.” Or maybe an unfortunate victim at the hands of Thanos in “Infinity War.” Actually, he’d be perfect for weird, Stan Lee-style cameo. And on the DC-side of things, he’d make a pretty good Czarnian (AKA Lobo’s race).

Meanwhile, it only took 14 and a half years, but Wiseau’s 2003 cult film “The Room” is finally getting a wide theatrical release following James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist,” which tells the story of how it was made.

Fathom Events will release the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” in more than 500 theaters around the country on Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. local time for its special one-day release, TheWrap has learned.

While the 2003 release was initially panned by critics and only accumulated $1,800 at the box office, it still managed to find an audience that not only appreciates its nonsensical plot but grows every year. “The Room” which was financed, produced, written and directed by Wiseau, is about a man Johnny (Wiseau) and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero), and a love triangle with Johnny’s wife, Lisa.