‘Too Close to Home': Nasty Jolene Labels Gay Dax a ‘Pickle-Picker’ (Exclusive Video)

Valerie confirms the POTUS affair to Anna’s mom

So, Jolene’s pretty awful, huh?

TheWrap‘s got your first look at Monday’s “Too Close to Home,” TLC’s scripted series that takes viewers from the nation’s capital to one of its crappier trailer parks.

“Too Close to Home” follows a young woman who is forced to return to her extremely poor beginnings after her political career is derailed by a sex scandal. How bad could it have been, you wonder? Well, she slept with the President of the United States — perhaps you’ve heard of the gig.

The series stars Danielle Savre, Kelly Sullivan, Brooke Anne Smith and Brock O’Hurn.

On Monday’s episode, Dax (Nick Ballard) and Valerie (Ashley Love-Mills) — Anna’s (Savre) former friends from D.C. — head to the very ironically named Happy, Ala., after hearing Victor (Charles Justo) get beaten up over the phone. In their search for Anna and Victor, the two encounter Jolene (Trisha Rae Stahl) at the trailer park.

Jolene is less-than-pleased to see the duo — especially when she finds out Dax and Victor are dating, or “pickle pickers,” as she ignorantly apparently calls gay men. There, Valerie confirms to Jolene that Anna had an affair with the Commander-in-Chief.

Watch the video above.

“Too Close to Home” airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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