Top CNN Executive Leaving Network (Exclusive)

Lucy Spiegel is exiting the network after six years as recruiter for commentators

Lucy Spiegel, executive director for contributors and audience at CNN, is leaving the network after six years.

Senior vice president for talent and content development, Amy Entelis, informed staff in an email obtained by TheWrap.

Spiegel has overseen network commentators ranging from Jesse Jackson and the married duo of James Carville and Mary Matalin, to current contributors such as Jay Carney, Ana Navarro and Donna Brazile.

Read Entelis’ full note below:

Lucy Spiegel, who for six years has recruited and managed all of CNN’s commentators and analysts, is leaving CNN after more than four decades in television news. Her career has also included stints at the three broadcast networks, including 20 years at CBS News.

For many years, Lucy served as vice president of CNN’s weekend public affairs programming, which included Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, Reliable Sources, This Week in Politics, Capital Gang, and Evans and Novak. She was also instrumental in the development of CNN’s award-winning On the Story and Take Five.

Lucy has wrangled CNN contributors from Jesse Jackson and the late Robert Novak to Mary Matalin and James Carville, to current commentators such as Donna Brazile, Ana Navarro and Jay Carney.

As a sideline, Lucy was at the helm of audience selection for CNN’s many presidential debates, town hall meetings and special programming. Many of you have witnessed that Lucy has just the right touch to work with candidates, their entourages, party officials and audience members all at the same time.

Lucy has had a remarkable career with the network and has influenced many young journalists along the way. Among her favorite duties at CNN was finding young production talent, and one of Lucy’s hires some years ago was Rebecca Kutler.

With that, I am pleased to announce that Rebecca will now become executive producer of talent and content development. In this role, Rebecca will take on Lucy’s responsibilities overseeing the recruitment and management of on-air contributors and analysts, as well as work with my team on talent development for CNN’s DC-based programs. On the CNN Films and Original Series side, Rebecca will lead the efforts to promote those projects across all CNN programs and platforms.

Rebecca is an accomplished producer who has worked as a senior and executive producer for the network’s morning, weekday, prime time and weekend programs. She brings extensive experience as a key producer for our election and debate nights, and also years of experience on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer.

Lucy will be here through the end of March as Rebecca transitions into her new role. After CNN, Lucy will devote herself to a variety of interests including president of the 2015 Annapolis Film Festival.

Finally, Brittany Brady, who has been working on the Content and Talent Development team since July 2013, has been promoted to associate producer for original content. Brittany will work with Rebecca to plan and execute our launches of Original Series and Films across our programs. She will also be the liaison for series talent like John Walsh, Tony Bourdain, and Morgan Spurlock when shows want to include them in coverage.

Please join me in congratulating Lucy on her long career at CNN, and Rebecca and Brittany on their new roles.