Disney+’s ‘Andor’ Rises as Other Franchise Shows Slip in Demand | Chart

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HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” and Marvel’s “She-Hulk” fall in audience interest after their finales


In this weekly data series powered by Parrot Analytics we look at the top breakout shows of the past week. Breakout shows are the most in-demand series that have premiered in the past 100 days.

This week saw demand across the top breakout shows crater following the finales of several of the most popular recently released series. For eight of the top 10 breakout shows demand was lower last week than it had been during the previous week, which gave Disney+’s “Andor” an opportunity to move up on the rankings.

Amazon Prime Video’s “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” saw the biggest drop-off in audience interest, down by 36% week-over-week after hitting the highest peak in demand in the entirety of its first season — according to Parrot Analytics‘ data, which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, among other engagement.

Demand for “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” and “House of the Dragon” fell by 21% and 16%, respectively.

“Andor” moved up two spots in the weekly ranking to become the second most in-demand breakout show despite its demand being down slightly from last week. With five episodes remaining in the season, it looks well positioned to take advantage of the attention vacuum left by other top series. If demand for the show begins to pick up going into the finale, which is scheduled for the end of November, it could be on track to take the top spot.

“Chainsaw Man,” the latest anime series to feature in the weekly breakout shows chart was one of only two series in the top 10 that grew in demand this week. Demand for the show from TV Tokyo grew by 3% from last week and it moved up one spot in the ranking to seventh place.

10 most in-demand news shows, Oct. 22-28, 2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)

This is the first full week of post-release demand for “The Peripheral,” Amazon Prime Video’s new series from the creators of “Westworld.” It had 22.1 times the demand of the average series and ranked as the 10th most in-demand new series.

It’s a savvy move for Amazon to release a buzzy new hit on the heels of the “Rings of Power” finale. If “Rings of Power” was a strong driver of subscriber signups, “The Peripheral” could serve as an incentive for these new subscribers to stick around. It is scheduled to release episodes weekly until Dec. 2. If it succeeds in holding audience attention until then, it will keep Prime subscribers on the platform until the holiday shopping season — a key revenue driver for Amazon.

Christofer Hamilton is a senior insights analyst at Parrot Analytics, a WrapPRO partner. For more from Parrot Analytics, visit the Data and Analysis Hub.