Toronto: Horror-Thriller ‘Afflicted’ Poster Is a Real Head-Scratcher

The CBS Films release is premiering Monday night at the Toronto Film Fest

Toronto’s midnight section has disease on the brain.

In this first-look poster from “Afflicted” (below), we get a sense of the intense discomfort a world-traveling young man will endure as he and his companion try to figure out why he’s suddenly in the grips of a mysterious affliction. Their race against time that takes them to the ends of the earth (hey, “Ends of the Earth” was the project’s original title — coincidence?).

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Written and directed by and starring Clif Prowse and Derek Lee, the low-budget horror-thriller premieres Monday night at the Ryerson Theatre (and screens again at Fantastic Fest in Austin).

CBS Films is distributing the film domestically sometime in 2014.