Tracy Morgan Tells Jimmy Fallon ‘I Could’ve Been Speaker’ of the House: ‘George Santos Said I Would Be Perfect’ (Video)

“And I believe him, ’cause he invented breakdancing,” Morgan jokes

It took three weeks, multiple votes, and multiple candidates, but Republicans in congress finally elected a new Speaker of the House this week, selecting Mike Johnson for the job. Tracy Morgan swears it could’ve been him — especially with George Santos’ endorsement.

Stopping by “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, Morgan blew Jimmy Fallon’s mind when he admitted that he’s not only into politics, but firmly believes he could bring politicians across the aisle to work together.

“Yeah, I could’ve been speaker! My game is good!” Morgan said. “How you think I got my wife to marry me? Lying! She did not want to know the truth about me. I’m telling you, who could get the Democrats and the Republicans together better than old Tray-Bae?”

Through his trademark fit of laughter, Fallon agreed, applauding the comedian’s desire to help. But, Morgan took things one further, joking that he also had a key endorsement already.

“Plus, George Santos said I would be perfect for the job,” Morgan joked. “And I believe him, ’cause he invented breakdancing. I remember, out there, doing the back spins and all that, George Santos!”

That said, Morgan did admit he has some political beef — with Donald Trump.

“I was close to Trump! He never said nothing to me,” Morgan lamented, referring to the many classified documents found in Trump’s possession. “One time he came over to the house, and he had six boxes, and it said ‘Top Secret’ on there. I said ‘What’s in these boxes?’ He said ‘Don’t worry about it.’”

“Dude ain’t never said nothin’ to me, man! I don’t know nothing,” Morgan continued joking. “That’s what I tell the District Attorney, I don’t know nothing.”

You can watch Tracy Morgan’s full interview with Jimmy Fallon in the video above.


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